Safety Check


This is not a service but a check that your bicycle is in safe roadworthy condition. Any remedial work required will incur an additional charge.  However don't worry I will contact you and ask your permission before carrying out additional work.

Details of what is included in the price.

  • Check bicycle for any signs of damage and wear.

  • Check chain wear, clean chain insitu and relube. 

  • Check gears are functioning.

  • Check pedals, cranks and bottom bracket are tight, check the pedals are tight.  Check the crank bolt torque settings.

  • Check brakes are functioning and pads are aligned correctly.  Check torque settings of all bolts.  Check pad wear.

  • Check all cable inner wires and hosing for wear or damage. 

  • Check wheels are secured, true and cones adjusted correctly.  Check rim wear.

  • Check tyres for wear and damage; inflate to correct pressure. 

  • Remove, clean, re-grease and refit seatpost.  Check saddle is level and inline.

  • Check headset is adjusted correctly.

  • Adjust bicycle to fit customer.

  • Test ride

Bicycle Wheel