Full Service


This service is recommended every year for regularly used bicycles. Price includes all the tasks detailed below.  Please note that any necessary replacement parts cost extra.  However don't worry I will let you know what is required before fitting the part.


(This pricing assumes we are providing the parts, if we are not providing the parts servicing is £20 per hour.


If the bike requires excessive cleaning an additional charge of £10 will be levied). 

  • Strip bicycle down to its component parts.

  • Clean all components. Clean and polish frame and forks.

  • Inspect frame, forks and components for damage and wear. 

  • Grease or oil all parts and reassemble.

  • True and tension wheels.

  • Bleed brakes

  • Adjust brakes and gears.

  • Torque all bolts to specified setting.

Bike Gears