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Regular Service

This service is recommended every six months for regularly used bicycles and at least once yearly for bicycles that are used infrequently.  Price includes all the tasks detailed below.  Please note that any necessary replacement parts cost extra. There will be a surcharge for bikes with additional complexity, for example internal cable routing or hydraulic brake systems as well as for any additional cleaning required. However don't worry I will agree a budget with you before proceeding.

    .  Check bicycle for damage           and wear. 

  • Check wheel rims for wear.  Basic wheel tru. Check hub cones and strip, clean and re-grease as required.  Check tyres for wear and damage.  Check they are seated correctly and inflate to the correct pressure.  Check quick release skewers or axle nuts are secure.

  • Carry out a front and rear brake service as detailed here .

  • Check bottom bracket for play and adjust if possible.  Check crank bolts  torque settings.  Check pedals are tight.

  • Carry out a full drivechain service as detailed here .

  • Check headset is adjusted correctly. Adjust stem and handlebars to customers preference and check torque settings.  Adjust handlebar controls if required and check torque settings. 

  • Remove, re-grease and refit seatpost. Tighten binder bolt to correct torque. Set saddle level and in line. 

  • Adjust the bicycle to suit the customer. 

  • Test ride the bicycle.

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